André Offringa <of…nga@gmail.com>

Version 3.3 is mostly a bugfix release that fixes various little issues. The full list of changes is given below.

New features

Generic improvements

Bug fixes & refactoring

  • Fix for crash when using aoqplot -save due to uninitialized pango.

  • Fix crashes with empty quality statistics tables found by Tammo Jan.

  • Fix compability issues with newest pylibs.

  • Fix various plotting imperfections.

  • Fix an exception when a recent file does not exist.

  • Fix a cast error in the Python FlagMask.SetBuffer() method that caused it to misbehave.

  • Improved a few warnings.

  • Replace deprecated math.pow by ^ in Lua scripts.

  • Fixes for Mac compilation.

  • Format Python files using black.

  • Format Lua scripts with StyLua.

  • Add documentation for aoquality combine operation.

  • Memory estimate for the reader was improved.