André Offringa <of…nga@gmail.com>

Version 2.10 brings a few small but useful new features, and many small bugfixes. A lot of code was cleaned up and improved to use C++11 features.

Full list of changes:

New features

  • Initial work on Python-scripted strategies; to be fully implemented in aoflagger 3.0.

  • SPWs can be concattenated (#65).

  • Added option in StatisticalFlagging to flag entire timesteps, channels or baselines when too little visibilities are left.

  • A graphical termal (‘X’) is no longer necessary to run rfigui / aoqplot with drawing parameters, which allows saving plots in scripts.

  • The aoqplot status window now also displays antenna index when hovering a baseline.

  • Added interpolate flags menu item and extended algorithm to run multiple times to fill in spots that are still missing.

Bug fixes

  • Stokes I-only images are not shown because they cannot be selected (#63).

  • Check polarizations when changing settings (#69).

  • It could happen that exceptions were not shown properly (bug in baseexception).

  • Unselected original flags would still show them in plots and ‘keep..data’ actions.

  • Fixed x/y flip when opening a parmdb.

  • Compilation improvements.

  • Fixing frequency and time scatter plots in rfigui and plots in aoqplot for non-xx/xy/yx/yy polarized sets (#70) e.g. JVLA; reported by M. Verheijen).

  • Don’t plot polarizations when they are not available in aoqplot, as that can cause segfault

  • Esthetics of plots are improved.
    • Use a clipping region to prevent points falling outside the canvas.

    • Unset value could cause the z-axis to disappear.

    • Make logarithmic Y ticks be better behaved.

    • Y axis in logarithmic plots could have the wrong range.

  • Major code cleanup:
    • Many code has been cleaned up to use C++11 features.

    • Dependence on Boost has been decreased.

    • Directory structure was improved and old code was removed.

  • Fixing multithreading of for-each-baseline action in ArtifactSet